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"A proverb quotes that in Chianti, you can either stumble on a rock or upon a fool. Kyle's fate was to stumble upon a property named Le Convertoie.
'Altared' is a heartfelt chronicle about the author's unforeseen connection to a crumbling church and apartment that abruptly sidle into her life. It's not the typical cozy country home cast in a manicured garden and a pool to relax around idly. All the same, she tenaciously decides to pursue the endeavor and decides that must be the place. While the narrative unfolds, Kyle turns her existence upside down as she uncannily gets bonded to the ancient estate she lovingly converts into her Tuscan dream retreat. 

'Altared' is not just the life creation of an idea; it's also a tongue in cheek collection of some of the zaniest local characters, their tics, attitudes, ways, and weaknesses. It's a witty report on how the author respectfully approaches a sophisticated culture whose roots are deeply planted in an astonishingly glorious past, and that seems to be perilously hanging on to the present."
 - New York Times Bestselling Author,
Dario Castagno
"Warn and humorous and simply delightful!
This memoir is probably the down to earth, real story of an "Under the Tuscan Sun" experience! No rose colored glasses here, but instead it is a funny, warm, and real saga of what everybody's always dreams of... and how it is never as starry eyed as it seems. The Italian accents just made it even more fun and the reader did an awesome job of giving personality to each and a warmth that sounds like it made all the hassles worthwhile. I think I was as sad as the author when she eventually sold the church. Even with all the roadblocks and games it made me want to do the same thing! Super author, super writing, and super narrator made a super audiobook."

 - Audible Review
"Most people would have given up before even starting such a challenging renovation, but Kyle Ball’s passion and perseverance can only be admired. So many restorations and renovations of Italy’s rich cultural heritage were carried out in the last two centuries given the dedication and financial support of many non-Italians, and Kyle is the perfect example. Thanks to the fact that she shared her efforts with us in her book Altared, allows us to understand the importance and complexity of rediscovering this medieval church.  Her experience, though often rewarding, was also undoubtedly frustrating at times, but she tells the story with a sense of humor that endears us both to the writer and to her accomplishment."
 - Maurizio Seracini, art diagnostician based in Florence, Italy; founder of Editech; TED talk presenter on “The Secret Lives of Paintings;” mentioned in Dan Brown’s “The Da Vinci Code."
"What a great job you did, Kyle! I laughed a lot (at the right parts, of course!) and you did a master’s job in relaying the ups and downs of buying abroad and renovating an historical building. I loved it!  I read it in about two days. It has always been my dream to write a book but I never had the attention span so I know what it took to do this project."
 - E. Watkins
"Brought many wonderful memories to my mind!
Having visited Italy several times over the last 20 years and having had wonderful experiences each time, the story took me back to that wonderful place in my mind. I enjoyed listening to Pamela Almand tell the story with her peaceful voice but wish the book was also available in print as I would like to have a copy of it. I'm one of those crazy people who still likes to turn the pages."

 - Audible Review


Altared is a Non Fiction Gold Award Winner
Altared wins Writer's Digest Honorable Mention
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